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Thank you, Tom and carpenters. Well done!

The excellent work Van’s Lumber performed on the exterior of our Ledgeview home (new windows, exterior caulk, rotting wood replacement) has made a huge difference. I noticed a difference in November and December that the house retained heat better. (WPS invoices were lower too!) Thank you, Tom and carpenters. Well done! A very satisfied, happy customer, —Victoria B.

We could never imagine living in a home Van’s didn’t build …

We’ve visited many other places for vacations and family trips but after building a home with Van’s, we could never imagine living in a home Van’s didn’t build! It was such a terrific experience from beginning to end. There is such incredible quality to your homes and we know nothing else would ever be as good. —Don and Ann N.

We simply couldn’t be more pleased …

It has been such a pleasure working with Kurt and all of the crews at Van’s. We simply couldn’t be more pleased with our new home and will not hesitate in referring Van’s to others. Our thanks for all you’ve done! —Linda and Terry Z.

We will never do another building project with anyone else but Van’s!

In 2006, Van’s did a major remodel for us in Door County. Because of that very positive experience, we have recommended them to many others and would never use anyone else if we were to build or remodel again. Recently, we had Van’s do a very small bathroom remodel, but they treated it as a big project! We cannot say enough about their workmen and the subcontractors that they recommended (Tanck Plumbing). Besides doing beautiful work, all were professional, on time and always went out of their way to be helpful. Plus, Van’s has the best project manager (Tom Salentine) and coordinator (Jeff Dorner) that anyone could find! We will never do another building project with anyone else but Van’s! —Terry G.

We always felt that honesty was a cornerstone of your work …

As we thought about all the reasons we appreciate Van’s, we decided it all boils down to the fact that your firm is skilled, reliable, honest and pleasant. It was clear that you know the right, safe and high-quality ways to build a house. And that is how the work was done, without exception. Your people are reliable. They communicated effectively, they showed up on time, and they worked hard until the end of the day. Very few firms could say that about their entire work force. You are honest, and that is probably the quality we value more than any other. Our bills and change orders were fair, complete and accurate. While we certainly tried to exercise due diligence, we never felt we had to watch out for bills being padded or change orders being inflated in price. We always felt that honesty was a cornerstone of your work. Lastly, you all were pleasant. Not one Van’s worker was ever rude or even dismissive. I was at the project a lot at first, and I know I kept my eyes peeled, but no one ever made me feel like a thorn in his side (even though surely there were times my “help” was not needed)! All good business people know their business is only as good as their people. We believe your people are great. To top it all off, you knew that our previous house was severely damaged by floods during our time working together. We are particularly grateful that your firm carried our project to the goal line without us being very available and for the kindness and personal interest each and every worker showed us during this time of loss. We would recommend Van’s to anyone. We love our house, and we thank you for making it both sound and beautiful. —Meredith and Tom S.

We knew we could come to Van’s Lumber with complete confidence …

Thank you, Chris and your crew, for getting the siding project completed before we left for Florida. I know you had to juggle your schedule to work us in and we appreciate it. Looking back over the past 30-some years of doing business with you (two new houses, a major remodel and many minor upgrades), we have found you to always complete the projects on budget, on time, and with no problems. A great testimonial to you, your staff, and your crews. Whenever we had a project, we knew we could come to Van’s Lumber with complete confidence. Once again, thank you! —Gary and Judy P.

Our cabin has been a delight for us this past year …

Craig, and all of your talented staff, made this family very happy with your fine skills and marvelous work. Our cabin has been a delight for us this past year and we so appreciate you daily. We couldn’t have had a better experience. You are always in our hearts! —Maury and Ann S.

Your crew are true professionals and did an excellent job on my project…

From day one, when Mark Porath came out and measured my windows for pricing, I could see that he does his job very well. After receiving the pricing and confirming the project, he came out again and double checked to make sure he had everything correct. The pricing was a little more than another price that I received, but I heard Van’s does an excellent job making sure the windows are installed correctly. After about a seven-week wait to get the windows installed, Bob Jonet and Brian Frisque came to do the installation and did an awesome job. Retired from a millwright superintendent position at a paper mill, I demand quality workmanship. So in general, I am a picky S.O.B. Your crew, Mark, Bob and Brian are true professionals and did an excellent job on my project and I couldn’t be more satisfied. If anyone asks me about Van’s quality workmanship, I will give them an excellent rating. —Bob W.

We couldn’t be happier …

Craig and Chris, I just wanted to thank you both (along with Mark, Julie, Jamie, Adam, and the rest of the crew) for everything. We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out and we appreciate your effort and patience. It was a true pleasure working with both of you. All the best! —Kristy

We are very happy with our new home!

I really enjoyed working with you, Craig (Van Pay), Chris, Jake, and Jacob. I realize it takes a well-organized effort and a great team to accomplish what you did in the amount of time we had. Thank you Craig for all of your work! Sincerely, Greg

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