Got questions?

If you don’t find an answer here, contact us.

Van’s knows that the building process brings up countless questions. Below, are some of the questions our customers ask most frequently, however, we want you to feel comfortable contacting us at any time with your unique questions and concerns.

—Craig VandenHouten – President

No matter where you live in Northeast Wisconsin—in Door, Kewaunee Brown County or elsewhere—just call us at 920-866-2351 (Dyckesville) or 920-868-2643 (Egg Harbor) to schedule an introductory meeting. A member of our experienced staff will get you started on the custom home process.

If you’ve been collecting clippings of floor plans or exterior photos of homes you love—or even if you’ve sketched your plans on a napkin—bring these along to your meeting. Anything that will help us to share your vision will help turn your dream into a functional blueprint, estimate and proposal.

Drawing up a new plan usually requires two weeks, and two additional weeks are needed for estimating costs and putting together your proposal. If you already have a set of home plans, we can have your proposal ready in just two weeks.

Typically, it takes 4 to 4–1/2 months to build a custom new home from start to finish. Larger or more complex designs may require 5–6 months or longer. Van’s is a builder you can count on to meet timelines!

Construction timelines depend on the time of year. Our sales staff can offer a specific assessment.

Absolutely not! That’s why you choose to work with a full service building contractor like Van’s. We have strong relationships with our preferred subcontractors in and around Door, Kewaunee and Brown Counties. With these partners, you can be confident in the quality of product and service they provide and we can more easily schedule work to avoid delays.