Meet our building experts

We’re proud to introduce our talented and experienced staff.

There is a roster of reasons why Van’s builds such extraordinary homes, but foremost is our extraordinary team. Van’s is proud to employ experienced professionals. From the helpful sales staff and veteran project managers to our expert drafters and support staff, our entire company works diligently to exceed expectations.

Craig VandenHouten
866.2351 ext. 119

Kurt VandenHouten
868.2643 ext. 104

Eric VandenHouten
Material Sales
866.2351 ext. 133

Chris VandenHouten
Job Coordinator
866.2351 ext. 122

Jeff Dorner
866.2351 ext. 118

Andy Strnad
866.2351 ext. 127

Joel Doell
Material Sales
866.2351 ext. 123

Jim Heim
Material Sales
866.2351 ext. 129

Mark Porath
Window/Door Sales
866.2351 ext. 128

Julie Joniaux
Window/Door Sales
866.2351 ext. 121

Craig Van Pay
866.2351 ext. 126

Craig Dorner
866.2351 ext. 137

Bob Martin
Job Coordinator
868.2643 ext. 103

Dean Martin
Job Coordinator
866.2351 ext. 125

Jean Willis
866.2351 ext. 136