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Job Description:

An architectural drafter with Van’s Lumber & Custom Builders will prepare drawings for residential, multi-family, and commercial construction projects. This is a highly technical role requiring extensive familiarity with design principles, computer-aided drafting technologies, and building codes to ensure that drawings are accurate and contain the necessary information for construction crews, subcontractors, and zoning departments.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Gather Requirements and Data – Early in the design and drafting process, architectural drafters gather project requirements and specifications from the sales personnel to use as a starting point. This can include information about the construction site, such as elevation, access roads, and utilities, along with project-specific information, such as the number of rooms, materials, and functional requirements for industrial or commercial projects.
  • Prepare Architectural Drawings – Working from rough drawings and specifications, drafters use computer-aided drafting (CAD) software to prepare full-scale and detail drawings. These drawings specify the project’s dimensions, including room sizes and elevations, and provide contractors and construction crews with a set of plans they can build from.
  • Update Designs – During the design and drafting process, architectural drafters update and modify designs based on new information or at the request of a salesperson. While updating drawings, the architectural drafter ensures that changes do not have unforeseen effects on other construction elements.
  • Perform Calculations and Check for Accuracy – Architectural drafters also use their familiarity with mathematical and construction principles to perform calculations and check drawings for accuracy. These calculations can include vital elements such as load-bearing beams within a structure. Architectural drafters also check other team members’ drawings for accuracy, making sure that their calculations and determinations are correct before sending the drawings to the salesperson.


Skills & Qualifications:

Architectural drafters prepare highly technical drawings which require the following skills:

  • Drafting Skills – Architectural drafters need strong technical drawing skills, along with familiarity with principles and best practices of architectural drafting and design using both hand-drawing and computers
  • Computer Skills – Strong computer skills are also a necessity in this role, not only while using computer-aided drafting programs but also when storing and transmitting drawings to construction and engineering teams
  • Collaboration – In this role, architectural drafters work closely with sales personnel to translate designs and requirements into usable drawings, so they should be effective collaborators
  • Attention to Detail – This position also requires excellent attention to detail, since architectural drafters need to ensure that their drawings are both technically correct and presented in a readable and accessible format
  • Communication Skills – Effective written and verbal communication skills are vital in this role, since architectural drafters frequently need to communicate with designers and architects to answer questions and prevent delays


Education & Training:

  • Associate degree
  • 3 – 5 years of experience
  • Computer-aided drafting (CAD) software (Softplan, AutoCAD, Revit)


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