When looking for building materials, you always want the best quality—and the best price! However, it’s often difficult to tell the difference between superior and poor quality, especially with wood. At Van’s, we specialize in providing great materials and an understanding of quality lumber.

Lumber is classified in grades and categories. The common grades are:

#1  Construction grade
#2  Standard grade
#3  Utility grade
#4  Economy grade

Each category is graded as:

A: Clear with no knots
B: Contains a few minor defects—often combined with A and sold as ‘B & Better’
C: Some small tight knots
D: A few knots and defects

lumber2“With high quality lumber, we estimate you have 10% less waste,” said Eric VandenHouten, Material Sales Manager. “There is less bark, less knots, less warping and less cracks in our lumber. In fact, we’ve even returned lumber that doesn’t meet our high standards. People say when they buy lumber elsewhere, they always end up short since many of the boards are bad and unusable. But not with Van’s!”

When you get your #1 grade boards at Van’s, we also provide low delivery fees. “Van’s provides quality lumber,” says Dennis Jacobs, long-time customer at Van’s. “Their boards are straight and I don’t need to go through a whole bundle to find good boards. And their service to get the lumber to the job site is A1!”

Stop by our local lumberyard in Dyckesville for your next building project!