Elevate your outdoor living space—and your next backyard party—with these chic and functional deck design ideas.

  1. Outdoor Lighting – See your outdoor space in a whole new light with innovative solutions built right into your deck! From pergola lights above to stair riser lights beneath, create a stellar ambiance and let your outdoor experience go well into the night with various illumination options.
  2. Outdoor Kitchen – Maximize the functionality of your outdoor space by kicking your grill station up a notch. For ultimate culinary convenience, build kitchen equipment such as work surfaces, storage drawers or cooler drawers right into your deck! Cook while you converse and don’t miss a minute of fresh air fun.
  3. Composite Decking – If you’re looking to build a new deck or replace an old one, composite decking is simply the best option. Made of 95% recycled materials, composite decking doesn’t demand the maintenance that wood decks do. Composite decking not only eliminates time-consuming painting, staining or sealing, it is also resistant to insects, rotting and splitting. A trusted brand such as Trex, offers a variety of chic styles.
  4. Decorative Railings – A surefire way to increase the cool factor of your outdoor space, add the right finishing touches! Trex offers a wide variety of railing options from basic, sleek aluminum columns to funky curved edges or light-up enclosures. Whether you’re going for coastal, rustic, or urban, railing options will not only increase safety, but will solidify the style of the space.
  5. Fencing – Whether you’re trying to keep pets and children in, or surrounding activity out, a fence can be a great solution to complete your outdoor oasis. Create security and privacy with style by adding composite fencing to match your deck. Trex offers a variety of unique, durable and low maintenance design options fit for enclosures big and small.

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