As we thought about all the reasons we appreciate Van’s, we decided it all boils down to the fact that your firm is skilled, reliable, honest and pleasant. It was clear that you know the right, safe and high-quality ways to build a house. And that is how the work was done, without exception. Your people are reliable. They communicated effectively, they showed up on time, and they worked hard until the end of the day. Very few firms could say that about their entire work force.

You are honest, and that is probably the quality we value more than any other. Our bills and change orders were fair, complete and accurate. While we certainly tried to exercise due diligence, we never felt we had to watch out for bills being padded or change orders being inflated in price. We always felt that honesty was a cornerstone of your work.

Lastly, you all were pleasant. Not one Van’s worker was ever rude or even dismissive. I was at the project a lot at first, and I know I kept my eyes peeled, but no one ever made me feel like a thorn in his side (even though surely there were times my “help” was not needed)! All good business people know their business is only as good as their people. We believe your people are great.

To top it all off, you knew that our previous house was severely damaged by floods during our time working together. We are particularly grateful that your firm carried our project to the goal line without us being very available and for the kindness and personal interest each and every worker showed us during this time of loss. We would recommend Van’s to anyone. We love our house, and we thank you for making it both sound and beautiful.

—Meredith and Tom S.